NJC Academy: Presentation Skills – (Groups max 8 people)
NJC Academy: Presentation Skills – (Groups max 8 people)
NJC Academy: Presentation Skills – (Groups max 8 people)

The NJC Academy

NJC Academy: Presentation Skills – (Groups max 8 people)

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Presentation Skills – groups max 8 people

You may find that as part of a promotion or even as part of a company restructure you will be required to present courses and seminars. How useful and impressive would it be to say you already have these skills at an interview, or even if the boss asked if anyone has these skills already for a last minute presentation? How good would that make you look!

(Courses will be delivered by Zoom or a similar platform, and pre-course materials will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF)

Being able to present yourself, or not, is a big deal in life.  Whether it is for interviews, team briefs, company get togethers, it is crucial. It may well be wrong but, people judge your competence to do your job on many things, including being able to present.  We want you to be able to present at a professional minimum stage – everyone can do that.  You have many transferable skills but you might need some help honing them to the new environment or job.  Let us help you!

Main Content Areas

Presentation Design and Prep – half day

·       Beginning with the end in mind

·       Using the ABCD, Bullseye and BBC method of design

·       Slides or not slides. IF you use them, how do you do that?

Presentation Practice – half day

·       Present to your peers and receive feedback

·       Practice using slides, sharing screen and other visual aids good practice

·       Use your body and voice to best effect

·       Bringing your training design and structure to life


Paul Tizzard has had an amazing career delivering courses globally. He is very modest in what he has achieved. This is just a glimpse of many of his accolades:

Pragmatic, resourceful facilitator and business coach that has worked in a wide range of companies, at all levels UK and overseas.  An eclectic background in employed, contract and freelance roles spanning HM Forces to Owner led Entrepreneurial to Financial Services.

Significant Experience in:
* Training Consultancy and Management / Leadership Development globally
* Exec coaching
* Facilitating both intimate and enormous groups of people (PinPoint and Gestalt trained)
* Creative design and training delivery
* Personality profiling and teambuilding (Insights, TMS, SDI, Facet 5)