Podpreneur with Alex Chisnall

Podpreneur & Not Just Crew co-host Alex Chisnall helps ambitious entrepreneurs tell their stories via the power of podcasting.  

He has a long-standing history with audio, having started his career at BBC Radio in the 1990’s before deciding to travel the world working for Virgin Atlantic Airlines where he worked his way up to Flight Service Manager. 

He feels like he’s now come full-circle as podcasting has recently exploded in popularity.

He founded his podcast agency, Podpreneur, after the success of his own podcast literally changed his life.

 From initially launching his own show and receiving just two downloads – clearly his wife & his mother – to getting a #1 rated business show all over the globe, from the UK to Uganda, his podcast – Screwitjustdoit – is now downloaded in 150+ countries.  

He’s on a mission to help driven entrepreneurs who want to educate their existing customers about their products and services, and attract more like-minded listeners to become paying customers.  Alex and his team have helped create and launch numerous podcasts into Apple’s iTunes Top 20 chart from corporate brands through to ambitious entrepreneurs.    

Alex left Virgin Atlantic after always wanting to start his own business.
He was also Sir Richard Branson’s #1 business advisor for not-for-profit Virgin StartUp, helping entrepreneurs get funding & mentoring.  

He still has a vested interest in this space as an advisor for global startup-generator and VC, Antler.co, and also chairs the Accelerate Event Series for British American Business – the US Chamber of Commerce in the UK.