Freedom Fitness

Hi I’m Zoe and I launched Freedom Fitness in December 2019. 

Before Freedom Fitness I worked as a Cabin Crew Manager for Thomas Cook for 12 years. As many of you will know, we all sadly lost our jobs when the airline collapsed in September 2019. 

When one door closes, another door opens. I decided it was time to hang up my flying wings and move onto something completely different; to follow my passion for health and fitness and inspiring women to feel empowered to be themselves. 
This is where Freedom Fitness was born and the inspiration behind the logo is inspired from my Thomas Cook flying wings. 

My mission is to provide high quality gym wear and keep it always at an affordable price for everyone without compromising on quality. 

The brand represents Freedom, unity and the ability to spread your wings and be who you were born to be. 
I truly believe that being yourself and having self confidence is life changing so I’m here to encourage others to be themselves and support other women by empowering each other. 

Every single product is tried and tested by myself. If I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t release it. I spend a lot of my days (everyday at the moment) in gym wear so I am confident everything is practical for working out but also looks and feels amazing. And we all know a great outfit boosts your confidence and makes you feel good.

Lastly, i pour my heart and soul into this business and I am truly grateful to everyone that has supported me. Even if you haven’t yet bought from me, every like, save, share is hugely appreciated. 

I cannot wait to see where this brand goes in the future and hope you will all continue supporting me on my journey. 

Love to you all 

Zoe x