Airsupport International Airways 1950s Retro Airline

Wow! Those Airsupport Girls from the the 1950s are back. Introducing the Katie Day  Meryl Gearson, Jane Amos, Hilary Burton, and Darcy Quant retro make-up bags, and passport holders.

The images taken from the 1950s Windermere Cigarettes card campaign featuring Sir Damien Gen 'Airsupport Girls'. The bags are the perfect size (21 x 14 x 5cm) for travel and home and a generous amount of 1950s glamour thrown in.

Then Fly back in time before Covid with this Jane Amos & Darcy Quant Airsupport Girl retro 1950s passport holders. The holder can hold documents, cash and credit cards.

The holder make an ideal gift for any international traveller.

Free Airsupport Girl luggage label, Key fob and Airsupport story bookmark with each holder sold.