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Ewen Maclean

I first started writing my books over 25 years ago just before I started flying and finally was encouraged by a friend to self-publish on Amazon a couple of years ago. I have published four and am working on the final book of this series at the moment. The genre is fantasy adventure akin to the hugely popular game of thrones and lord of the rings. I just enjoy being able to use my imagination to create characters, creatures and mythical lands where anything is possible. 

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Dottiemae Candle Co

My name is Julie and I started my company Dottiemae Candle Co 3 years ago in my kitchen. I have now progressed to a shed in the garden!  I named my company after my Grandma, as throughout my childhood I would spend my summer holidays with her and we would always have some craft project on the go.  I have always been a sucker for candles and used to spend a fortune on them!  I bought myself a candle making kit and was hooked. I now sell at craft fairs and am stocked in shops.

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Richard Worsfold

“Hi I’m Richard and I am a Brand Maker at Branding Box. My business is certainly a COVID success story – an off the cuff comment to a cabin crew manager who was being made redundant lead me to designing a logo and a website for her new CV writing business. This then lead on to a couple of other crew recommendations which lead me to the Crew Businesses Facebook group where I created numerous logos, brands and websites. I love seeing a brand that I have created splashed across social media and I’m really passionate about making sure those businesses always look their best at each customer touch point. I have developed my business so that I can offer a...

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