Best Of Scents

Welcome to our place that just makes Scents!

Meet Chris & Dan, our two founders who are here to bring a world of colour to a very bland industry!
Working for an airline means they have had lots of opportunities for transatlantic inspiration in design and manufacture to produce the quirkiest hand sanitiser & foaming hand soaps here in the UK!
They believe in only using cruelty free and vegan products to produce the highest quality scented products. 

Their unique sanitiser recipe means that after 20 seconds of sanitisation all the alcohol completely evaporates leaving your hands cleaner, healthier and softer with a beautiful scent of your choosing. Their innovative foaming hand soap contains aloe vera & shea to leave your hands incredibly soft after cleaning and is available in a flight worthy 53ml bottle!

So whether you are Team Unicorn, Narwhal or Mermaid, want to ‘Squeeze the Day’ or ‘Beat the Bluesberry’. We have no judgements here, we just want to join in on the fun!