TG Customised

Like many crew, Covid-19 played a huge role in my decision to give up flying. Fortunate to have been given the option of VR, I decided to leave Manchester and head down south to Bournemouth with my boyfriend after 14.5 years at easyJet. I saw friends start up small businesses during the first lockdown and got my thinking cap on as to what I’d like to do with my spare time. I’m a stickler for a bag for life and researched what it would be like to start customising/personalising tote bags and the like. To practice and gain confidence and experience I started of doing all my friends a bag with their logos on them to help promote their brand when out and this proved popular. Now I’m confident in what my business is doing, my focus now is to get my brand out there and let others take advantage of having their logo, design, name or whatever they chose on a bag. I have designs ready to go or look forward to working with customers to create that personalised bag, for their own use or gift for someone else.