Love Bumble Designs

Hello, I’m Lydia the creative designer and artist behind Love Bumble Designs. Whether you wanted a hand-drawn pet portrait for your loved one, or bespoke wedding invites for your big day I can create them for you. I offer a completely personalised service tailored to you and your needs.  

I offer a bespoke service that is completely focused around you. I find many mass-produced items lose their meaning, with focus on being for the many and not the few. However, I can help you create something personal you will remember and cherish forever.  


I’ve always been creative throughout my education studying Fine Art A-Level, Art Foundation Degree and finally a Textiles Degree at university. I never had any real interest in starting my own business and it really happened by mistake. I started to post my drawings on social media and I soon had a request to create a drawing for a friend. I loved the joy of bringing someone’s imagination to life.  

When people realise you’re a creative person you get lots of requests to help design and make things. I then was asked to make a set of wedding invitations, which I really enjoyed. Seeing the bride so happy with the creation we made really brought me great pride.   

From that point it snowballed to all different requests such as champagne glasses, cards and hangers. Many of my listings are simply triggered by requests I’ve had from friends and family.   

I tried selling on lots of different platforms but I find my work is so bespoke it’s really hard to achieve. I enjoy the interaction with you, my customer to make your item perfect for YOU.   

Now if you’re wondering about the name Love Bumble well it’s pretty simple, I love bees! My house is full of reference to them with paintings, fabrics and imagery in every room. And because of this I am hoping to have all my packaging recyclable by 2021, starting with my business cards. On the creative market there are now plantable business cards available, and bees love flowers! So this will be my first step to a more sustainable future.   

So we come to now, I am currently furlough from my full time job as cabin crew and finally have time to make my very own website. I have so many ideas for future products, and if you think I should be selling something different to what’s listed please do let me know.

Thank you for visiting today!