Tara Panchaud

Aircraft Prints:

Having a dad who adored anything from the world of aviation meant I was taken to airports and airshows.

It was from here I quickly realised from a very young age, this was definitely the road I wanted to go down! Along with my other chosen career of photography.

Here we are over two decades later and having been fortunate enough to have spent the majority of that time flying on our beloved ‘Queen of the skies’ it seemed an obvious step to create a collection of timeless images that captures this beauty for all of those who love and flew on her.

Each image has been carefully chosen to always keep her spirit alive.

– Tara Panchaud

Other Prints:

I followed my dreams & now here I am having spent over half of my life working for an international airline. I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of incredible destinations, experiencing different cultures along the way. From the streets of seville to the mid-century modern homes and hotels of the Palm Springs. The wild dunes and sophistication of the Hamptons to the mountains of Morocco. Discovering a handful of what I would call "the road less travelled” are amongst my favourite.   

All of the ingredients above combined with a genuine love for the  Wanderlust life, have all led to this.