Saragusta Spirits Co

After a chance meeting over 20 years ago, we have been married for 16 years and have two wonderful daughters.  James has been a Commercial Pilot for the last 20 years and Alison has a background in Events Management although has most recently devoted her time to family life.

Sharing a love of all things gin, we have always enjoyed seeking out hand crafted gins made by the amazing small batch distilleries we are lucky enough to have dotted around the country.  Curious to understand the use of different, sometimes unexpected botanicals, they have experimented with flavours, mixers and garnishes and developed a serious appreciation for the versatility of an excellent gin.

With the onset of a global pandemic came a huge amount of stress, uncertainty and sleepless nights.  But out of this desperate situation also came the motivation to do something different, take a chance, pursue a dream.  And so Saragusta Spirits Co. was born!