Strangelytarot was founded through lockdown 2020 as I never had the time to learn the art of tarot before then.

A former Inflight Beauty Therapist with Virgin Atlantic and Spa Director in the spa world I decided to embrace the spirituality that had been given to me. I used to do palm readings on night flights and as an aura reader , in training,  would tell the class their colours.

Combining Tarot with all my spirituality skills I deliver a unique, energising reading which will help you focus on your current situation. Giving you the tools to selfheal through recommendations about chakra healing and combining the power of crystal, which can also be purchased through me.

I use 3 decks of cards in my 1 hour readings which give the questioner a very broad understanding of where help may be needed.

The Beauty of my business is that I can read completely virtually through WhatsApp or face time and have performed readings all over the world.

When the world returns to normal, I am available for face to face readings, distance permitting! , and parties,  which have proven very popular virtually until now, the unique Hen party gift.