About Us

The Crew Market is a joint venture between

Not Just Crew & Crew Businesses

Established by Cabin Crew with a desire and passion to support people who have worked in aviation, grow their business.

The Crew Market offers a world of brilliantly original gifts, exceptional craftsmanship and stunning originality - all made and provided by truly independent creators.

Our range of distinctive products are perfect as gifts for any occasion - birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations from small to enormous or even just a thank-you present to the friend or colleague who you know deserves a little bit of originality.

Or maybe just treat yourself and your home to something a bit special.

The best bit?  These are not available on the high street or through global shopping giants.

They are stand out, original and exceptional items, sourced from a community of highly skilled individuals who share one thing in common…they have all worked in the aviation business.

When they’re not flying, and they haven’t had much chance recently, they have been exploring their creativity.

It’s possible that you may have been assisted by any number of our ever expanding community, from check-in staff to in-flight cabin crew, to ground crew.  They may have even flown you to your business or holiday destination. 

Like many businesses the aviation industry was badly affected by recent events and The Crew Market was created. It was a chance for these great individuals to develop and expand their talents.

We wanted to do something new, something positive, something exciting, that supported those grounded by the ‘new normal’. 

What we found were people overflowing with brilliant ideas, incredible expertise and above all, a desire and passion to showcase their creativity and skills.  The range we offer is growing all the time. When you buy one of these incredible items, you are not only getting something you will love to own or gift to another, but you are also helping our crew explore new skills and develop their new businesses, and in some cases, new careers.

  • Not Just crew was founded to showcase the exceptional skills, and business accruement that crew and ex crew use when they’re not flying. It has also become the go to advice and support group for crew embarking on new careers.
  • Crew Businesses was founded to support and bring small businesses together that were started by Cabin Crew. We now have a community of business owners and professionals that have come from all areas of aviation, worldwide.