Gentillesse Clothing Ltd

I’m Claire, proud founder and owner of Gentillesse Clothing Ltd.

Fitness has always a passion of mine.

I’m a huge fan of CrossFit, love a good workout, game of netball or a thorough stretch and yoga flow. My friends always comment upon my seemingly boundless energy, so these are great ways for me to channel them. I previously worked as cabin crew for a premier airline for almost 18 years, meeting new people, exploring new destinations and shopping the world. It was such an exciting role but also meant crossing many time zones, long hours and nights out of bed. Therefore, it has always been really important for me to look after myself both mentally and physically through fitness.

Sadly, over the past few years the pandemic has decimated the aviation industry, a sector that both my husband and I worked in. Within the space of four weeks, we both lost not only our livelihoods but were forced to leave a city and life we loved (in Hong Kong) and many great friends behind with no idea of what was next. We found a short-term opportunity in Belgium but it was a really tough and uncertain time. Exercising regularly was such a release and kept me calm, positive and grounded (no pun intended).

Having flown around the globe my entire adult life, I had the luxury of being able to shop for clothes from all around the world. When I no longer had this option, I noticed a huge gap in the market for athleisure wear. Finding comfortable, quality and stylish workout wear was not easy, nor affordable in Belgium; which is where my idea for an online store came to light and Gentillesse Clothing Ltd was born!

When there is kindness, there is goodness and when there is goodness, there is magic’. I would always quote this line when briefing my team before flying. We often had a long journey ahead, working with new people and serving passengers who were travelling for a plethora of reasons. Kindness goes a long way, hence: 'Gentillesse' (meaning kindness in French)!

I am truly passionate about customer service and high-quality products. Therefore, I only work with suppliers from around the world who design and manufacture in house, using ethical and sustainable resources. I really hope you enjoy exploring my collection, find some items that you love and enjoy working out and feeling good in them!

Happy shopping!   

Love, Claire xoxo