Beeswax Small Wrap

Buzzy Bea-utiful Wraps

Beeswax Small Wrap

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 Great for snacks such as small dried fruits/nuts/crisps and nibbles! 

Beeswax is a completely natural, nontoxic substance with anti-fungal & antibacterial properties and is waterproof yet breathable, therefore protecting your food from getting wet or wilted all while locking in moisture, flavour, freshness. Most importantly keeping your food clean while avoiding single use plastic!  

How to Use: Buzzy Bee-utiful Wraps are completely reusable - Simply shape to the object and the warmth from your hands will form a tight seal.  

 To wash, rinse with lukewarm soapy water and hang to dry then store in a cool, dry place.  

When the wraps have reached their end of life, they are completely biodegradable and can be popped straight into a compost bin!