The dirty rose apothecary was inspired by my love and passion of natural healing. 

Mother Nature gives us great healings through her wise seasonal philosophies and the generosity of her forever giving gifts from her core properties such as salts, herbs, flowers and essential oils. 

Just like the rose, I believe we are planted in this earth with our individual seeds to grow from within. Each unique seed represents different parts of our personality, different fundamentals of being a human and the different seasons of life we go through. It’s up to us to nourish, nurture each seed so it grows and goes through its transformations, withering and shedding of the old and the rebirthing of something new and even more beautiful than the last bloom in a new season in our life. 

Being able to align and connect with your true self is a blessing, but sometimes our busy lives can lead us to lose the connection with our self, our purpose and the uniqueness within us

I love helping and empowering people to create their own safe spaces to regain their inner balance, wisdom and connect to your courage so you can create positive change and shifts in your life 

I hope you find great healing through the loving space you create with a little you time with these products and continue to grow and connect to your soul 

Never forget the rose always needs the dirt in order to grow and flourish 

I make these products with genuine love 

100% organic and natural 

No synthetics or preservatives

Cruelty free 

Reusable and recyclable containers 

Custom creations are available, to honour and infuse the uniqueness of your own or family and friends soulful intentions.

Keep an eye out for more exciting new products coming soon