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Tara Panchaud

Having a dad who adored anything from the world of aviation meant I was taken to airports and air shows. It was from here I quickly realised from a very young age this was definitely the road I wanted to go down! Along with my other chosen career of photography. I followed my dreams & now here I am having spent over half of my life working for an international airline. I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of incredible destinations, experiencing different cultures along the way. From the streets of Seville to the mid-century modern homes and hotels of the Palm Springs. The wild dunes and sophistication of the Hamptons to the mountains of Morocco. Discovering a...

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I'm Amanda the founder of Kavu Clothing. I suffer from menopausal night sweats and they are a nightmare! I tried to find nightwear that could help but couldn’t, so I invented my own material blend: bamboo and eucalyptus and made it into nightwear. I founded Kavu Clothing in 2020, but the idea was with me in 2018. It took me two years of trial and error to produce a magic material that feels soft and keeps you cool whilst you sleep. The nightwear is great for help with the menopause night sweats, which I still suffer from: but they are now manageable.  Kavu Clothing is now a reality.

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I’m Martin and the creator of myKANDL. I’ve been cabin crew for a well-loved airline for over 15 years and while travelling I fell in love with a candle store in the USA, often stocking up on my trips.  When the Pandemic closed international borders and sadly clipped many crew’s wings, I was motivated to create my very own hand-poured candles with a collection of true-to-life aromas that not only smell just like their description but are strong enough to fill a room and evoke our senses.  All our candles and diffusers are home-made in West Sussex and are individually hand-poured in small batches using sustainable natural and vegan-friendly ingredients and our signature collection has been inspired by our family...

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