Heidi Cole Confidence in the Air


Hi, I’m Heidi, 53, an airborne explorer with deeply grounded principles in human connection and psychology.

Flying for Virgin Atlantic, I then moved into corporate flying which was a huge, risky decision at the time. I've now been here for the last 20 years.

Working with private passengers from varying cultures to Middle Eastern & European Royal families, my rollercoaster of a career took me through a deep inner journey that turned upside down so many old beliefs in the industry…

I discovered that a CFA career with longevity wasn’t about wow-factor skills that so many invested heavily—in only to get fired later and wonder why. But instead, it was what clients described as the way I made them feel: my confidence, demeanor, and the attention I gave to details.

Determined to help women get what was just missing from training, I developed the “Confidence In The Air” program—a holistic combination of all my experiences, skills, and inner work—which has been helping students build their own foundations, and bloom as valued CFAs.