Kaylie Kay: 'Because She Could'
Kaylie Kay: 'Because She Could'

Kaylie Kay

Kaylie Kay: 'Because She Could'

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Because She Could

~Signed copy of the first book in The Osprey Series

Olivia Kaye has everything. A dream job, great house, great car, and a gorgeous successful boyfriend, Tom…. so why was she so attracted to Jez? What was it about him that made her forget everything for that moment in Hong Kong…. leaving her feeling so guilty?

Karma can be a bitch though, and she catapults into their lives in the form of Tom’s new PA, the beautiful and now indispensable Sarah Fischer. Olivia is pretty damn sure that she is after her man, and her life, but does she only think that because of what she has done herself, is she just being paranoid?

Usually so confident and secure, how can she be rational when her job as a Flight Attendant takes her thousands of miles away, worries packed into her crew bag, and things at home out of her control?

Sarah Fischer has to go, and soon…. but  Olivia may live to regret digging into this girls past…