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Plane Jane

Unsure of what I wanted to do after leaving such an impactful job, I made myself a little keepsake to remember the good times doing the job I loved. I shared it and found a large number of my crew friends wanted one too! And so Plane Jane was born  Art prints for crew by crew. Starting with just a handful of airlines, I now produce keepsakes and gifts in over 70 variations and always open to more requests!  

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Kaylie Kay

Crew for over twenty years, a series of events in 2017 led to me exploring the world of writing, a way to get all of my memories and experiences down in a fun and light-hearted story. Three years and four books later The Osprey Series is enjoyed worldwide by cabin crew, who recognise themselves in the pages, and by people who just love the flying world. Each book is based on a different crew member from fictional airline, Osprey. They can be read in any order, and I promise that they will take you up to 37,000 ft when you get lost in their pages. My fifth novel ‘ Life Diverted’ has just been released.  

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Best Of Scents

Best of Scents was derived from two best of friends, Dan & Chris, who wanted to bring fun & quirky antibacs to the UK and shake up the market! So Best of Scents was created during the day job at 40'000ft "Hand Sanitiser doesn't have to be boring" is our mantra and we have experimented with scents to bring you the smells from the tropics to the beaches.  Working for an airline means we have had lots of opportunities for transatlantic inspiration in design and manufacture to produce the quirkiest sanitiser here in the UK!

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